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Friday, May 30, 2008

Carnival Flapper

Well the summer is upon us well kind of here. Some days it's 40 degrees other days it's 80 frickin fickle Iowa weather! Anyways I designed this bracelet as an omag to summer carnivals with a dash of flappers from the 20's. This fine little dandy is available in my Etsy Shop.

In other news it has been awhile since I've featured a fellow Etsian. Shame on me! I've been so busy lately that I just haven't had the time. I shall be featuring a great Etsian next week so be sure to check back!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two New Pieces

I just listed two new pieces last night.

I'm really loving the combination of blue and brown right now.
Blue and brown set the mood in this sky inspired chunky bracelet! The white swirls represent the clouds in the blue sky. Strong on elastic this bracelet will fit most wrists. You can find this bracelet in my Etsy shop.

My second freshly listed item is my Ring Tailed Lemur bracelet. I had some left over beads from another project so I thought what the hay.

My husband said that this bracelet reminded him of a Ring Tailed Lemur because of the beaded beads. Each beaded bead is hand woven using fireline and galvanized tangerine, galvanized hot pink and galvanized light teal delica beads. I used elastic to couple the beaded beads with silver spacers. You can find this bracelet in my Etsy Shop.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've been neglecting my blog

Happy Memorial Day Weekend all! I've been neglecting my blog because I've been so busy! I've had a really great last two weeks! I was featured in a couple really well put together treasuries. I was also featured on Talent Database's Craft Portal. My biggest accomplishment this week was having Fire Mountain Gems add me to their Notable Artist page. I also completed two and half bracelets; one for my mom's birthday which was made out of size 15/0 emerald Toho beads. I also finally finish my Mardi Gras bracelet which has left me with a sad feeling. I made my Mardi Gras bracelet out of size 11/0 Galvanized Tangerine, Galvanized Hot Pink and Galvanized Light Teal Delicas. I was so excited about this bracelet from the planning to the first bead strung to the final bead.
I just finished Mardi Gras bracelet yesterday. This is the bracelet that I made my mom for her birthday.
Fire Mountain Gem featured me and my Stain Glass Cuff.

Talent Database's Craft Portal Featured my Coal Shimmer Bracelet
Treasury 5-11-08 featured my Roman Elegance Bracelet

Treasury 5-15-08 featured my Spring Love Cuff Treasury 5-22-08 featured my Oil Spill Cuff.
I'd love to hear what you think of my new piece!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Treasury Feature

I was very excited to wake up to a treasury feature today! Check out the treasury at to see all the other very talented Jet Team Members who were also featured!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coming Soon

Monkey Announcement:
Coming soon I will be starting a couple of series on my blog. The first series will be my challenge series. In this challenge it's all about taking my fellow Etsians out of their element. The second series will be about Going Green. Stay tuned for more!

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