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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Craft Show

Today was my first craft show. It seemed liked I wouldn't get everything done in time but I did. I worked really hard to build up stock for the show and this morning I was blessed to have my family help me set up. I got off to a rocky start because I was right next to another jewelry booth and the lady kept giving me dirty looks. My husband wasn't able to help me past setting up because he had to take care of our little monkey. I was really lucky that both my parents really wanted to help. It was a fabulous day for weather 76 degrees with a light wind. It happened to be Dillinger Day's. I happen to live in Mason City Iowa where Dillinger robbed a bank. They did reenactments all day and offered music, food and fun. I sold 9 bracelets and got a order for a custom piece. Over all I had a fun day with my parents and made some money too. I got invited to another show in November and I can't wait!

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