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Monday, August 18, 2008

A topsy turby day

It has been quite the topsy turby day already and it's only 9:30. My morning started off at 1 am when my husband woke up with the flu. Poor guy when he gets sick he usually gets really sick. At about 7 my son woke up and came to wake me up. Of course he didn't know that his daddy is home with the flu so when my husband sat up it scared him. He took off running for the bathroom, slipped on the rug and hit his jaw/chin on the bath tub. At first I thought he was okay just a bump but then I saw a bunch of blood on my shirt. Then I noticed that his chin/jaw had a gash on it. So it was off to the ER where they had to glue his face back together. I hate hate hate it when my little guy gets hurt! He was so brave and was more worried about Daddy being sick. Once I had Anthony set up with his dough nut (his bravery treat) I went about checking my email and Etsy. Guess what? I was on the front page!! This is the 3rd time and it always feels like the first time. My fellow Jet, Lavalleygirly, got me the following screen shot. My bracelet is the first box in the third row down.Today I will also see the end of my bead hiatus. You maybe wondering doesn't she have more time left? I do I have 1 and a 1/2 months left. However my local bead store is closing and selling all their stuff for cheap. I can't resist a good deal. After this load up I shall be done for awhile I swear!! My mom ran across a craft fair going on next month so I'm going to be doing my first show. I'm really nervous. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of my show and my little guy's face. As always Happy Crafting and stay away from the bath tub monsters!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box Fridays- Promoting

I know that some people are under the logic if I build an Etsy shop they will come. Sorry to tell you this but that just isn't true. Running an online shop is much different than running a brick and morter shop where someone may find you in the phone book or by chance. In the online world you have to promote yourself. I work under the logic of you'll get out of Etsy what you put into Etsy. So let's talk promotion. There are ways to promote yourself on Etsy like forums, showcases, treasuries etc. but today I want to talk about promoting outside of Etsy to bring new buyers into our shops.

If you don't already promote yourself on Myspace or Facebook I suggest setting up an account dedicated solely to your Etsy shop. You should add as many people as you can that you think will genuinely be interested in your craft. Once you add someone look at their friends would any of them be interested? Myspace offers groups join ones that apply to you! Then network your butt off.

Stumble Yourself

There is a great way to help yourself get traffic it's called StumbleUpon. Basically it's a place where you can submit websites that you think are interesting. Every time you list an new item Stumble it.

Find Forums
Do a Google search for forums that apply to you. Ning is a great community with a lot of communities to join. You can post pictures, talk on forums, and promote yourself.

Ecard is a great place to promote your blog, there by promoting your shop. Once you sign up you go to the campaign tab and find blogs you want to "drop your card". It does drive traffic to your blog.

Contact your local media
Your local media wants to know about you! Call your local newspapers and news station and see if they are interested in doing a human interest story on you. This will help draw in local buyers.

Leave your business cards
Always carry business cards on you because you never know when you'll need them. Ask if you can leave a stack at your local craft shop. Also when you, your friends or family go on vacation leave business cards. When my parents went on a cruise they left my business cards in Seattle and Alaska.

Some times you have to spend money to make money. Advertising is one of these times. You should of course exhaust all the free advertising you can get first, find free ads on blogs and other online forums. Once you have exhausted those make sure you research your options before you spend money.

Submit to Craft Magazines
Find magazines that are targeted at your craft and submit your work to them. Some times you have to submit more than once.

Join a Street Team on Etsy
Joining a street team on Etsy will help you get exposure but more than that it will help you find support and more ideas on promoting.

Submit to online search engines

This can be time consuming but in the end it really can pay off. There are thousands of search engines besides the big ones everyone knows. Search for online directories then submit submit submit!

Promote Others

You should take time to promote others in treasuries, your own blog and to friends and family.

These are just a couple of ways to promote yourself out side the box. If you have any other suggestions please let me know! As always happy crafting!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a bead addiction

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm on a self imposed three month no bead buying hiatus. I've managed the first month quite well thanks to my fellow Jets, Jeweledblossoms and Thevintagejewlerybox, who have both sent me some really great beads. I also have a pile of items that have beads on them that I have been meaning to take apart. This past month I took a part a purse covered in wood beads to get my fix. You can see what I created with combination of the beads the Thevingagejewelrybox and the purse beads in my Etsy shop. What lead me to this self imposed hiatus you ask? A month ago I bought this fabulous wood case from Hobby Lobby to put my beads in so I could see what I had better. I thought for sure when I bought it that I would have room left over for future buys. I was very wrong. I filled up almost the whole case with just my Delicas, Toho and cubes. It was while I was transferring my beads into their new little cases that I realized that I didn't even know I had half the beads I do! I accept my bead addiction and know some day I shall have to seek help. Below are the photos of my about an 1/8 of my stash. I still have to go through my wood, metal, other glass besides seeds, resin and beads I use for hemp. I'm glad my husband has no idea how much money I've spent lol. I should mention that I also have a touch of OCD when it comes to organizing my beads as you can tell by the photos.
I feel better now that I have accepted my addiction lol. If you have a huge stash you'd like to share let me know I 'd love to show your addiction. As always happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've been a bad blogger of late

I've been such a bad blogger lately! With the holiday season upon us I've been a busy little beader. Here are some of the bracelets that have kept me away from my blog.
Cherry Kisses
Flower Garden

Dirty Ice
Jolly Rancher
These are just a couple of the new pieces you can find in my shop. I've also started the long processes of expanding my creativity. I recently joined a great knitting group but found I still can't knit to save my life. The great ladies of my group are letting me stay in the group and be the beading knitter. Next week they are going to try to teach me how to crochet. Let's hope that doesn't go over like a lead balloon. I've also started to make Scrabble and bamboo pendants. I know that market is really over saturated right now but I hope that mine are funky enough to make their own mark. While I've been on blog hiatus one of my best friends had a little girl, Jazzlyn. She is quite the cutie and I'm not just saying that because I'm her aunt. She had about an inch of dark hair!
I hope to be back blogging more regularly in the weeks to come. Look for my Etsy Find of the Week, Etsy Artist of the Week and Thinking Outside the Box Fridays. If you have any suggestions for these let me know!! As always happy crafting!

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