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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a bead addiction

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm on a self imposed three month no bead buying hiatus. I've managed the first month quite well thanks to my fellow Jets, Jeweledblossoms and Thevintagejewlerybox, who have both sent me some really great beads. I also have a pile of items that have beads on them that I have been meaning to take apart. This past month I took a part a purse covered in wood beads to get my fix. You can see what I created with combination of the beads the Thevingagejewelrybox and the purse beads in my Etsy shop. What lead me to this self imposed hiatus you ask? A month ago I bought this fabulous wood case from Hobby Lobby to put my beads in so I could see what I had better. I thought for sure when I bought it that I would have room left over for future buys. I was very wrong. I filled up almost the whole case with just my Delicas, Toho and cubes. It was while I was transferring my beads into their new little cases that I realized that I didn't even know I had half the beads I do! I accept my bead addiction and know some day I shall have to seek help. Below are the photos of my about an 1/8 of my stash. I still have to go through my wood, metal, other glass besides seeds, resin and beads I use for hemp. I'm glad my husband has no idea how much money I've spent lol. I should mention that I also have a touch of OCD when it comes to organizing my beads as you can tell by the photos.
I feel better now that I have accepted my addiction lol. If you have a huge stash you'd like to share let me know I 'd love to show your addiction. As always happy crafting!


jealousydesign said...

You make beautiful work with these bead! and the boxes looks great

Beadsme said...

Hmmm you have some space left for more.

Jean9 said...

I understand your bead addiction..I have one to...I have given a lot away recently and have put others away in in shoe box..My taste in beads has changed!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid we all share your addiction my friend but alas I could not under go that hiatus you've taken on!! I love the way you've organized your beads though, just fabulous!! (so are you counting down the days until you can buy again??) :D

Beaderjojo said...

Oh I understand completely! I haven't gone so far as to impose a restriction, but I'm *really* trying to use what I have in stock before going crazy buying new beads. I don't think I'm as strong as you in that department. Do you already have a bead shopping date planned? lol.

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