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Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best blogger in the world seeing at the last time I blogged was two months ago. Opps.

So what is keeping me so busy? Balancing real life and the dream.

I recently did two show and learnt a lot from them. One was an up class art world sale and the other was a carnival craft showed. I paid around the same for each one only the carnival show was 3 days and the art show was 1. Guess what? I did much better at the art show. I now know my market. Knowing my market and watching my stats on websites had really shown me who to target.

Speaking of shows I have two upcoming shows in August. On August 8th you can find me at Affordables on 1St's Annual Business Expo and Party in Mason City Iowa from 10-4. Afforables on 1st is a great place that provides jobs for the Medially Handicapped. They asked me to donate for their drawing and silent auction. I made a Rose Quartz wire wrapped necklace with a shiny metal tree pendant with complimentary wire wrapped bracelet and earrings. I haven't take the photos yet.

August 15th You can find me in Charles City Iowa at the Art-A-Fest show from 10-4.

Besides all of that I have really seen some success of Etsy as of late. I wish that I had enjoyed this success before I went back to work. Perhaps then I wouldn't have gone back to work. I recently completed the first bracelet in a new line of bangles and some resin pieces. Picture to come when I get a chance to take them.

I will have to take a short break from the crazy ideas in my head to complete a string of custom orders.
Stayed tuned to a new blog challenge........


cccraftstudio said...

Sounds like you will be very busy! It's always fun meeting people face to face-good luck on your shows~!

Made By Tammy said...

Wow, have you been busy! Great news about your Etsy shop and knowing what shows to sign up for. Good Luck with your up-coming show!

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