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Monday, October 26, 2009

MonkeyBuns Update

I'm currently waiting to hear if I made it into MacNider Art Museum's Iowa Crafts Exhibit. I entered the following pieces:

Fall Crossing
Queen's Tea

Rainy Days


I should hear something the first week of November. If I'm accepted I'll be in the exhibit through February and stand to win some money.

In other news MonkeyBuns has seen a couple horrible craft shows in the last month. This weekend really took the grand prize. We had to content with a horrible band that did a sound check all day. The horrible music drove away customers but you win some and lose some. I highly advise that you when you are signing up for craft shows that you ask for vendor contact information from the previous year and contact those people for a honest review of the show. The promoter will always tell you it was a fabulous show. I encourage you to post your best craft show tip in comments.

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