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Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautifully Brown

Beautifully Brown? you might say. How can brown be beautiful? Usually when you ask people their favorite color you will very rarely hear brown. I'm am on of those rare people who find brown beautiful. All you have to do is take a wander around Etsy to find some really great examples of why brown is beautiful.
This first piece is a fine example of why brown is beautiful. Jessica Doyle is the artist behind this piece in titled Spring 8x8 Fine Print Art. There are three other prints in this series representing all the seasons. This fine print was created using Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, Micron Pens, Windsor and Newton watercolor on Arches cold press watercolor paper. Each print is titled and signed on the back. You can find this great piece at for $18.00.While you're there check out Jessica's other prints!

Early Budding Vine Bracelet from Giftbearer's Budding Vine (TM) Line is one of most original pieces of brown I found on Etsy. The process of making this wonderful bracelet takes two weeks! Giftbearer uses fine silver slip layered onto a real vine then burned out. A bronezey-gunmetal color is then added to give the bracelet texture before the stones are set. This bracelet will fit a 5" wrist. You can find this excellent bracelet at for $600.00. While you're there check out Giftbearer's Budding Vine Line!

Homelab is responsible for this next piece, Beige and Brown Collar with Wood Buttons. I saw it awhile back and thought it was off a runway. This collar can be worn as a wrap, a scarf or a half turtle neck. You can find this great piece at for $45.00 While you are there check out Homelab's other pieces!

Dawn Lewis created this ACEO, Heritage Gee Gee, Limited Edition Photo Card. The story behind this card is what fascinated me the most. The little girl butterfly is actually Dawn's mum as a little girl. She photoed the photo to create this card. What was more fascinating was that the cards are printed on playing cards. You can choose which ever card you want! It is the first out of twenty four in her Fairy Series. You can find this card at for $4.00. Check out Dawn's other ACEO while you're visiting her shop.

The final piece in my beautiful browns is this hoodie by Binarywinter. I found that Binarywinter's description was way better than my description would ever be.
In Victorian times, a woman's treasured charm was most often a cameo carved with her own likeness. A portrait of great artistry would typically be carved on shell or stone, and framed by a floral motif that reflected the Victorians' love of gardening.
Adorned with graceful gears and delicate blossoms, our Cameo Mecanique is a modern take on a timeless charm. The cameo is nestled on the back of the hoodie, with two sets of elegant gears on both sides of the hood. Silk-screened by hand using creamy bronze ink onto a brown American Apparel women's fleece zip hoodie. 100% cotton, lusciously soft and cozy, perfect for spring nights!
You can find this hoodie at for $45.00. When you visit Binarywinter's shop you will find a list of sizes so you can pick the best fit for you or a friend!

Perhaps brown isn't the prettiest or most popular color in spectrum but I challenge anyone to say that brown can't be beautiful! These pieces from great artist show case my point exactly.

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Anonymous said...

You really found some beautiful brown items! I love the bracelet :)

Hyla Waldron said...

That was a wonderful read!

binarywinter said...

That bracelet is gorgeous! I love brown as well, its such an elegant and warm color.

Thanks so much for featuring us!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Heritage Gee Gee ACEO on your blog. I feel honoured to be included among such talent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring "Spring" on your blog. What a nice surprise!

Brown is beautiful.


Melissa said...

Brown is DEFINATELY beautiful! It's all I wear! Can't wait to check out all those shops!

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