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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Etsy Child

As a mom to a toddler I think one of the best categories at Etsy is the items available for children. If you search children on Etsy you will find 134685 items! Those 134685 items include everything from hats, toys, clothes, books, plushies and many more. What a great place to find a perfect birthday present! Each item is hand made with love!
I have chose some of the find Etsy sellers who dedicate their shops to little people to feature this week.
Lookmamamadeit joined the Etsy community on February 29th of this year. Her shop features felt food items for children. She is inspired by her 5 year old. Silvia has been thinking about making children's toys since she was a child! She has her Masters in Art History.
While browsing Silvia's shop I saw this lovely Cake and Ice-Cream Summer Party. The set comes with a strawberry and chocolate cake (2.2"diameter x 1.8"tall), two cookies with pink liners, a strawberry ice-cream cone (3.9"long), a chocolate ice-cream cone (3.9"long), and a lemon lollipop. Each item is made out of rich wool blend felt except for the ice cream cones which are made out of thicker acrylic felt. You can find this
for $32.00. Silvia also offers fruit, vegetables, and other assorted goodies.

Crackersart is another great Ets
y seller who joined the community on August 8th of 2007. Sarah used to be a graphic designer but found it didn't give her enough of a creative outlet. In 1998 Sarah started Crackersart to achieve the creative outlet she desired. Her two little boys are her inspiration for her great digital illustrations.
Quackers the Duck is a great example of her digital illustrations. He is
printed on smooth acid free 100% cotton rag fine art paper using archival inks. This print is 8" x 10" with a white boarder making it easy to frame. Each print is signed and date on the back. You can find this print at for $18.00.

If you are look
ing for a great wall mural then look no further than Loribiebel's shop. She joined the Etsy community on November 11th of 2007. She started doing children's murals in 1991. She realized that making murals that could be move able and not permanent was the way to go. This would be a great way to decorate your little one's room without having to paint over it as they grow!
My favorite mural from her shop is Farm by Storytime Walls. It comes with a barn (21 1/2"x16 1/2"), cow (16"x15"), horse
(17"x14"), pigs(15 1/2"x9"), lambs(16"x11"), tree(9"x14 1/2"), and clouds (17"x11") You can find this great mural at
$138.00. Loribiebel's shop also offers a circus mural, bug mural and individual pieces.

Whimbrella joined the Etsy community on August 12th 2007. She learn
to sew from watching her mother as a little girl. She still enjoys sewing with her mother. One of my favorite items from her shop are her Ready to Go Coloring Totes. Each tote comes with 8 standard crayons and a coloring book! What a great way to help your children pass the time in a car or at a doctor's appointment. The tote measures 6"x6" and is machine washable. You can find this tote at for $12.50.

Etsy is a great place to find the perfect gift for any little one in your life!

Check out all these great Etsy shops at


Melissa said...

I love that tote! Browsing the children's category is so much fun. I'm always afraid I'm gonna go broke (or more broke LOL)!

rachel said...

oo, that cake and ice cream set is so cute!

The Nature Nut said...

Awww - what cute stuff! I've never looked for children's stuff on Etsy (my daughter is all grown up now), but I do have a few items in my shop for kids (and big kids love 'em too).

ameninabrinca said...

Thanks for including my cake and ice cream set in your post! You found such lovely children's items!

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

Wow! What great shops and great items. I love the children's section just like you and it can be hard to narrow all the selections down. Very cute stuff.

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

This is a great feature of wonderful Etsy artists! All of these shops are fantastic!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Wow some cute stuff here. Never even heard of etsy before.

Chris said...

Never seen these before but it has opened my kids eyes

More expense!!

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