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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Featured Seller- Andy's Rascals

When you enter Andy's Rascals shop ( you know that you have found a little treasury trove. I discovered Andy's shop a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with her little figurines. Andy started her passion after realizing that her kids were not represented anywhere so her and a friend took a ceramics class. That one class got her hooked and Andy started making her great figurines. Her first sales came from a local gift shop where she received five dollars for each figurine. If I had ran across them at the gift shop I would have bought everyone! Andy spent the next eleven years doing the Victorian Country Christmas craft show before landing at Etsy on January 26 of this year. In the few months she has been at Etsy she has enjoyed twenty sales!!

Each of Andy's figurines has a personality all it's own. This little Donkey is pouting just like your little one does! He is $14.95 like most of her single figurines. You can find him at

How cute is this little booger?
This little guys is also $14.95 and well worth the conversations he'll start at your next dinner party! Every time I see him I have to smile. You can find him at

This two some is quit the pair! I think the frog just found out that he isn't a prince! This fun pair is $34.95. You can find it at

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Andy's Rascals! Please take the time to see all the other great pieces she has in her shop!!!!


artsyclay said...

hi - I'm visiting from the etsy forum. I especially like your bracelets!

julie king said...

You're right. These little creations are adorable and I can't look at them without smiling. I just visited your etsy shop and marked a couple of faves. Nice work!

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